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Team Managers

AYSO Team Managers play an important role in helping organize and manage the team, from communicating schedules, to distributing trophies and pictures (Fall season), and helping organize an end-of-the-season party!

For additional support, please email our Team Manager Coordinator at [email protected].  Thanks again for volunteering and have a great season! 

AYSO Team Manager Role Description:

  • Distribute information to the coaches, players, and families of AYSO players.
  •  Assist team parent coordinator with the distribution of team and individual photos, fundraising materials, and awards or certificates to the players.
  • Assist the coach by making the snack schedule.
  • Distributing the uniforms and making phone calls for picture day;
  • Schedule changes, rain-outs, etc;
  • You can cut down that time commitment by working with another parent;
  • Attend meeting on time and date to be determined, check website, coordinate snacks, parties, gifts, relay info, changes, ect.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of team parent, the applicant should:

  • Be a good communicator
  • Be organized
  • Be dependable
  • Team Manager MUST have completed Sterling Background check and all other requisite trainings


When communicating with region board and/or staff, please follow this format:
Email Subject: -

ex. G14U Annen - Team Roster

Email Body: Address concern, add an update, note attachment in the email, respond to specific request or inquiry, etc. 

Please allow at least 24 hours before anticipating an answer. Staff gets many emails and we try to respond to each.

Team Banners

Creating a Banner
Banners are NOT mandatory. This is a team decision as it is a team expense. Typically, all lower division (U5 thru U8) teams have banners. Most U10 teams have banners and then it lessens from there. The cost is normally shared by the families on the team.

Banner Vendors

Below are some suggested banner vendors. Banners can also be home made. Please see the below guidelines for team banners. 

USA Banners    Click Here

If your team decides on a banner, please keep in mind the following:

  • Teams should have a team banner no later than Picture Day.
  • Encourage a parent to create a homemade banner, if possible.
  • Recruit a team parent to organize the making of the banner as well as putting it up and taking it down for every game (called the "banner parent").
  • Banners should include the team's name, each player's first name and number, the name of the coach, assistant coach, team parent, and sponsor (if you have one).
  • Try to incorporate team colors and the team name theme as much as possible.
  • With regard to the team name, please choose an appropriate name. We don't want to offend anyone or any group, race, etc. A "strong" name is great – however, a violent one in bad taste is not. Thanks!
  • AYSO National Rules & Regulations, II.A: "Team names shall bear no resemblance to a religion, race, ethnicity or nationality."
  • A stand will be required to hold up the banner


Do not place the child's name on the uniform.

Uniforms Requirements
The region will issue the team a set of uniforms that includes a jersey, shorts and socks for every player. Each player must wear these items. Alterations are not allowed. Do not add anything to the uniform unless specifically instructed by the Region. Do not place the child's name on the back or anywhere on the uniform.  (For the younger ones, this is also a safety issue as children have been abducted in this fashion, by the abductor calling the kid by name and luring them just far enough away). Please refer to our Gear & Equipment page for all aspects of the players' uniforms and equipment.

AYSO National Rules & Regulations, VI.E: "No AYSO uniform may bear a team member's name, or team name, league name, or program name."

Uniforms Distribution
Uniforms are distributed at the team parent meeting in the fall and summer season.  In the fall team parent meeting, coaches are not permitted to attend in lieu of their team parent without prior permission from the Team Parent Coordinator.

The complete rules regarding uniforms are included in the AYSO National Rules & Regulations. This link takes you to the page on the AYSO National website where the current regulations are maintained.

Fun Stuff

Team Parties & Coaches Gifts
We receive a lot of emails toward the end of the season regarding what to do for team parties and coaches gifts. So, we now have a whole section about this.

Round Table Pizza 
13711 Newport Blvd.
Tustin, Ca 92780 
Team Coupon: Click Here
Call to RSVP Team Party

  1. Parties are good. They're a fun way to celebrate the season and say "thank you" to our team coaches, referees and parents.
  2. You don't have to go to a pizza parlor.  Consider a potluck at one of Tustin's fabulous parks. Make a list of items and circulate it at a practice for people to sign up and bring things. This way, the kids get to run around and you have plenty of space for trophy distribution as well.
  3. Sometimes you get lucky and families will offer to host the party at their homes. You may want to send a quick email out to ask.
  4. Coaches Gifts.  They are a nice gesture, especially given the amount of time of coaches volunteer to help the kids.  Check out our list of suggested gifts and divide the cost of the gifts among players' families.  Or, you can simply collect $5, $10 or $20 per player and then purchase the gifts. Given the current economy, it is best to run these things by the team families and get their input. You don't want to go out and purchase a $200 item and your team only has 8 players and shock the families with the $25 per player amount. There are several ideas below that do not cost much at all – and they will mean so much:
  • a gift certificate to local restaurants;
  • take a picture of the kids at a game or practice and frame it  and have the kids sign the matte;
  • purchase soccer equipment for the coach if you've got a soccer-loving coach. Training equipment is good;
  • buy some cool Tustin AYSO gear – we've got everything (coaches shirts, hats, coolers, the ever popular umbrella stand) and will have a booth at Picture Day/Kick-a-Thon;
  • buy a cool soccer ball and have the kids sign it and purchase a case for it;
  • buy your coach tickets to a Galaxy game;
  • purchase a t-shirt from their favorite soccer team

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