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Tustin AYSO Region 96


  • Complete and turn in the volunteer form every year.
  • Be properly appointed to your position (Head coaches by the regional coach admin through the division coordinator / Assistant coaches from the head coach subject to approval from the region).
  • Complete AYSO Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and CA-mandated SafeSport certification
  • Get a LiveScan finger printing.
  • Attend the age-specific coach training and the annual coach update at the coach expo.

Those who fail to complete all the above requirements will find themselves not covered under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. In the fall season, failure to comply may result in consequences such as no team photos, no team trophies, or a loss of competition points. You may also not be permitted to volunteer again without first finishing these requirements.

Coach Training

Upcoming Training Classes

The below classes are available to all AYSO members registered as a volunteer in eayso.  Coaches from outside Tustin, AYSO Region 96, may be charged a small fee.  The cost is covered by the region for Tustin coaches.

To sign up, please login to  The search form will help you find the class, but verify the date and roster number listed below to ensure you are signing up for the correct class.  We accept walk-ins, but to ensure you receive credit correctly and quickly, please sign-up on

All classes involve classroom and field activity and those who are able are expected to participate.  While we don't require a strenuous workout, please be dressed appropriately to play. 

For additional options, please check the Area 11Q website or for classes in other regions.  AYSO certification and training classes may be taken from any AYSO region.

Coach Training & Certification Requirements
Coaches are required to be certified for the level of play they coach. Additionally all coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete C AYSO Safe Haven certification training and the CDC Concussion training (both can be completed online at Full specific training requirements for AYSO coaches for each and and level of coaching can be found on the Area 11-Q Coach Training page.

National Coach Course Attendance Policy
If you are a Coach Instructor and/or Advanced Coach with several years of experience and wish to apply for this course, see the Region 96 Policy on obtaining Regional Commissioner approval as stated in the Training Matrix for the National Coach Course.

Team Referee Points

Team standings will be substantially affected by Referee Team Points
Referee training and certification must be completed BEFORE officiating games

What are Referee Points?
Just as players play games to earn Game Points and move their team up in the standings, Referees and Assistant Referees officiate games to earn Referee Points and help teams move up in the standings. Awards are given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in Fall Recreational Regional Pool Competition. Teams that earn Referee Points have a much better chance of placing higher in the final standings than teams that do not.

For more details see the Referee Programs Section

Coach Resources

The Challenger Way

Challenger Sports British Soccer is pleased to provide all Tustin AYSO coaches with free access to The Challenger Way, a comprehensive collection of training drill videos, PDFs and lesson plans and other information.  Access The Challenger Way website and register using the promotional code JGCA to use this free online resource!

New Coach FAQs

Do I need experience playing soccer?
No, we have several coaching clinics to get you "up to speed".
What does it cost? 
No money, just a little of your time.
What equipment do I need?
Nothing required.  We'll give you practice cones, a few balls, and some other equipment.
Will my child and I always be on the same team?
Yes, the coach and child are ALWAYS placed on the same team.
Do I need to know the rules of soccer?
No (not yet) the coaching clinics will tell you all you need to know.
When are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays (weekday evenings during the Summer), game times will vary each week.
When do teams practice?
Practice times are determined by the coach around his/her schedule.
How often do teams practice?
Twice a week is suggested for older teams.  Younger teams typically only practice once per week for an hour.
Do I need to be at EVERY practice and EVERY game?
We suggest an assistant coach (another player's parent) be assigned as soon as teams are formed who can be there if the coach can't.
     Games cannot be rescheduled but practices can be postponed or canceled if necessary.
When is the season?
The "regular Fall season" begins when school starts (usually the Saturday after Labor Day) and ends just before Thanksgiving.
Are there other seasons?
Yes, the most popular season (other than Fall) is the Summer season where there are usually no practices and games are played in the evenings, during the week. For older players there are All Stars in the winter and spring seasons.
Do I need any kind of certification?
Yes, there are several clinics given, prior to the Fall season where, upon completion, coaches will be certified (at no cost to the coach).  Some of the classes are online.
What can I do to look into becoming a coach?
When you register your child to play soccer, there will be forms or a sign up sheet for people who are interested in becoming coaches. Better yet, contact your division coordinator (see the Directory page) and let him or her know you are interested.

Referee Abuse


  1. AYSO referees are volunteers charged with the responsibility to see that games are conducted safely and fairly, and in a manner that fosters the enjoyment of the game by the players, coaches and spectators.
  2. Individual abilities will vary, depending on their training, experience and personality. Regardless of their abilities, the referee is empowered by the Laws of the Game to control the match, enforce the Laws, and to take action against team officials who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner (Laws of The Game, Law 5). Please remember that the referee decides the facts of the game, regardless of any witness, photographic or video evidence to the contrary. For instance, if the referee states the ball crossed the line, for purposes of the game the ball did in fact cross the line, even if you can show a clear video that it did not. These and other judgment calls are not subject to review and cannot be contested through protest.
  3. Coaches are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their spectators. It is never acceptable to verbally abuse a referee or player. A coach/spectator may not, before, during or after a game, criticize or discuss with a referee his performance other than to thank or compliment the referee.
  4. If considered necessary, complaints, criticisms or recommendations concerning a referee's performance by a coach shall be directed to your division coordinator. Please remember that for most things this person is your first line of communication. Parents who feel this need shall discuss the situation with their coach and allow them to communicate their concerns.
  5. While dissent, either by word or action with, and public criticism of a referee is never appropriate, abusive language or conduct directed toward a referee will not be tolerated. Abusive language can be, but not limited to, rude speech, critical language (including yelling) addressed to the referee, and expressing disapproval or blame.
  6. The Regional Referee Administrator, upon receipt of any reported abuse of a referee shall investigate the incident and deliver any reports to the Disciplinary Committee who shall recommend appropriate discipline. The Regional Commissioner shall take the recommendation of the disciplinary review into consideration.

Misconduct and Disciplinary Action

  1. The disciplinary action as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee, may include but is not limited to warnings, mentoring, single or multi-game suspensions, or a complete ban of all AYSO activities for either a determined time frame or in extreme cases a lifetime ban.
  2. A suspended person may not, during their suspension, attend any Tustin AYSO game or inter-region game where a Tustin team is participating. However, a suspended coach may attend team practices. Those affected by complete bans may not attend any AYSO function for the duration of the ban.
  3. The subject of any disciplinary action may request an appeal through AYSO's due process procedures. It is the responsibility of the party affected to request the appeal.
  4. These sanctions do not limit, prevent, or replace any voluntary or required report or referral of improper conduct, by any adult toward any child, to any law enforcement or child protection agency. In the State of California, assault on a sports official carries a mandatory jail sentence with the law designed to be considered as akin to assault on a police officer.

Special Consideration Concerning Youth Referees

Abuse of Youth Referees will NOT be Tolerated by AYSO

In the event that the misconduct by an adult is directed at a youth referee, AYSO will take a stronger stance and invoke stronger sanctions. It is not uncommon for at least an additional game suspension to be added on if the referee involved is a minor.

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