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Adult Soccer

AYSO Area 11Q has instituted an adult league for the purpose of giving adults the same opportunity as the youth of our community to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and fair environment for all who want to simply enjoy the game and get plenty of exercise.  For the most current information and to register as a player or a team manager, see the Adult Soccer page on the Area 11Q website.

Adult Soccer FAQS

Is The Adult League An AYSO Program?

The adult league is part of the North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA). NAASA is a division inside AYSO (More Details).

Is The Program Open To Anyone?

While the motivation behind the creation of this program comes from the parents, older siblings and volunteers involved in our youth programs, the adult league is open to anyone 18 years or older.

How Competitive Is The League?

This is a recreational adult soccer program. No minimum requirement of soccer or physical skill is required. The league is designed to accommodate a wide range of player skill levels. Some players have never played soccer before, while other are highly skilled. The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun. The intent is to play soccer on the weekend and then go to work on Monday.

When Will Games Be Played?

Our intentions are to play games on Sundays, but we will not be able to finalize those details until the cities release their season field allocations.

Where Will Games Be Played?

This will greatly depend on field availability and the number of teams we have in each division. The cities within the Area 11Q service area include Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Yorba Linda and Placentia. Our hope is that keep travel to a bare minimum for each team.

Will My Friends And I Be Placed On The Same Team?

Players are free to buddy-up, form their own team or they can just register and we will find them a spot on a team. There will be a limited number of teams. Applications received after the teams are formed are placed on teams with space available or placed on a waiting list.
What Divisions Will Be Available This Season?

Men's Under 40 Years Old.
Men's Over 40 Years Old.
Women's Under 40 Years Old.
Women's Over 40 Years Old.
Coed Under 40 Years Old.
Coed Over 40 Years Old.
Coed 1st Time Players (one division for all players)
A Player's age on July 31 will determine their eligibility in a division.

Older players may play in a younger division if they wish. The league will leave it to the player's discretion. Younger players may not play in an older division.

Games will be 11v11 format unless the number of registered players or available fields makes short-sided games more appropriate.

How Will Coed Teams Work?

Coed Matches Of the 11 players on the field, there may not be more than seven men on the field at one time, unless otherwise agreed by the team captains. There is no maximum number of women on the field at one time. 1st While the 1st Timer division is a coed division, there are no gender based minimum field player requirements.

Can I Play On More Than One Team?

A player is free to play on multiple teams so long as they are only playing on one team per division. For example, a player may play on a men's team and a coed team, but not two teams in the same division.

The league will not be able to make any special scheduling arrangements for players on multiple teams.

What Are The Fees Involved?

The total registration cost for a 1st time player is $125.00. This fee breaks down as follows:

Uniforms - $50.00
Uniforms are a one-time expense. All players will be issued the same home & away uniforms. This will leave players free to reuse their uniforms from season to season, even if they move to a different team.

NAASA Annual Membership - $25.00
This fee pays for the players accident & liability insurance for the membership year. The membership year runs from September 1 to the following August 31. If a player decides to play in multiple programs a year (Fall, Spring, Summer, Tournaments, ...), they will only be asked to pay the membership fee once a year.

Fall Season Program Fees - $50.00
This fee will cover all program expenses specifically related to the fall season program. All unused funds will be donated to the our local AYSO youth programs.

Referee Fees - $2 to $3 Per Match
The $125 registration fee does not include referee fees. Details are still being worked on with the local referee association, but we anticipate referee fees will run $2 to $3 per player, per match. These fees are paid directly to the referees on the field. Team managers will coordinate the collection of the referee fees once a team has been formed.

Players On Multiple Teams
Players playing in multiple divisions only need to pay the $125 registration fee once. They are responsible for the referee fees for each team.

Returning Players
The registration fee for returning players for a new season in the same AYSO year is only $50 (and includes a second pair of socks).

How Do I Register My Own Team?

Complete the team registration form on the AYSO Area 11Q website. You will be listed as the team manager. Players interested in joining your team just need to say so when they complete the Player Registration Form. We can pull players from the free agent pool if you do not end up with enough players to form a full team.

DON'T FOREGET TO REGISTER YOURSELF AS A PLAYER. Registering the team does not automatically register you as a player.

How Do I Register As A Player?

Register as a player on the AYSO Area 11Q website. There will be a limited number of teams. Registrations received after the teams are formed will be placed on teams with space available or placed on a waiting list.

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