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Professional Training for all Players

Tustin AYSO Headlines

Heat Concerns

With temperatures expected to continue to be high, please take precautions for the heat. This includes:

  • Bring EXTRA WATER. Remember that water at room temperature is quicker for the body to absorb, very cold ice water may feel good but is a shock to the system.
  • Referees may add additional water breaks during the game (FIFA did this during the World Cup this year.)
  • Watch for Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  • Bring cool cloths and misting sprays

Additional things to know:

  • Players may come to the sideline at any time to get a drink, but do not leave the field. Hand the water bottle to the player while you stand off the field and the player stays on the field.
  • Goalkeepers (and defenders) can bring a water bottle with them to the goal and set it to the side of the goal off the field.
  • Under-8's and below can come off anytime to get water and return.

With proper precautions and good hydration we can all have a great time playing. And don't forget - coaches, referees and fans need water too, bring extra for them - but make sure the players get enough. (If you've got extras, go ahead and offer the referee a drink after the game too!)

Fall Training

Fall Training Information found here.

Professional Training Sessions

Coaches - book professional training sessions for your team.
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Hank Nunez - Stroke Recovery

Hank Nunez is a lifetime supporter of Tustin AYSO and has volunteered in many capacities including as the Regional Commissioner from 1996 - 2002. During this time, the region grew from 1,000 players to over 2,200. He was instrumental in building relations with the city and school district and continued to assist in that role for many years after stepping down from the RC position, including serving as a member of the Tustin city planning commission. Tustin AYSO would not be the region it currently is without his hard work and countless hours.

Recently, he suffered a stroke and is now in recovery. His family have created a fund to assist with the medical bills. If you are able to assist, please visit http://gofundme.com/5qdyv0.

Break-ins reported at fields

Several AYSO parents have reported their automobiles being broken into while attending games. These occurances have occured at multiple fields. Please remember to lock your car and remove or keep valuables out of sight.

Concussion Training

AYSO has been promoting Concussion Awareness training in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control Head's Up program since 2009. Each season, we have at least several reported cases of concussion and many more go unreported as it takes much less impact than commonly believed to have a concussion. For instance, the player being knocked out is not a prerequisite, nor is swelling and a large bump. In an effort to increase awareness about the potential risks associated with concussions, we are asking that all coaches of all ages take a couple of minutes and complete the online training. All coaches are now required to complete the online CDC Concussion training program. To complete the training, please login to the AYSO Online Training website.

This training is not restricted to coaches and we encourage all parents to complete the training and become more educated about these risks.
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