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Professional Training for all Players


Do not place the child's name on the uniform

Uniforms Requirements

The region will issue the team a set of uniforms to include the jersey, shorts and socks. Each player must wear these items. Alterations are not allowed. Do not add anything to the uniform unless specifically instructed by the region. Do not place the child's name on the back or anywhere on the uniform (For the younger ones, this is also a saftey issue as children have been abducted in this fashion, by the abductor calling the kid by name and luring them just far enough away). Please refer to our Player Requirements page for all aspects of the player's equipment.

AYSO National Rules & Regulations, VI.E: "No AYSO uniform may bear a team member's name, or team name, league name, or program name."

Uniforms Distribution

Uniforms are distributed at the team parent meeting in the fall season and at the coach meeting in the summer. In the fall team parent meeting, coaches are not permitted to attend in lieu of their team parent.


The complete rules regarding uniforms are included in the AYSO National Rules & Regulations. This link takes you to the page on the AYSO National website where the current regulations are maintained.

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