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Team Parties & Coaches Gifts

We receive a lot of emails toward the end of last fall season regarding what to do for team parties and coaches gifts. So, we now have a whole section about this.

  1. Parties are good. This is good team building for older kids and I think it's great to get to know the families as well.
  2. Another idea for an end of season party is to plan a potluck at one of the great park's Tustin has. Make a list of items and circulate it at a practice for people to sign up and bring things. This way, the kids get to run around and you have plenty of space for trophy distribution as well.
  3. Sometimes you get lucky and families will offer to host the party at their homes. So, you may want to send a quick email out to ask. If not, do the above.
  4. Coaches Gifts: You can do this two ways. One, look at my list of suggested gifts and purchase them. Then, divide the cost of the gift among the amount of players you have and collect that money from each family. Or, you can simply collect $5 per player and then purchase a gift. Given the current economy, it is best to run these things by the team families and get their input. You don't want to go out and purchase a $100 item and your team only has 7 players and shock the families with the $15 per player amount. There are several ideas below that do not cost much at all – and they will mean so much:
    • gift certificate to local restaurants
    • take a pix of the kids at a game or practice and frame it but have the kids sign the matte and frame it.
    • purchase soccer equipment for the coach if you've got a soccer-loving coach. Training equipment is good.
    • buy some cool Tustin AYSO gear – we've got everything (coaches shirts, hats, coolers, the ever popular umbrella stand) and will have a booth at Picture Day/Kick-a-Thon
    • buy a cool soccer ball and have the kids sign it and purchase a case for it
    • buy your coach tickets to a Galaxy or Chivas game
    • purchase Galaxy or Chivas attire depending on their preference

Those are just a few of our suggestions. Remember, soccer is fun!

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