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Creating a Banner

First – banners are NOT mandatory. This is a team decision as it is a team expense. Typically, all lower division (U5 thru U8) teams have banners. Most U10 teams have banners and then it lessens from there. Some approximate prices of banners are below and this cost would be divided among the amount of players on the team and purchased.

If your team decides on a banner, please keep in mind the following:

  • Teams should have a team banner no later than Picture Day.
  • Encourage a parent to create a homemade banner, if possible.
  • Recruit a team parent to organize the making of the banner as well as putting it up and taking it down for every game (called the "banner parent").
  • Banners should include the team's name, each player's first name and number, name of coach, assistant coach, team parent, and sponsor (if you have one).
  • Try to incorporate team colors and the team name theme as much as possible.
  • With regard to the team name, please choose an appropriate name. We don't want to offend anyone or any group, race, etc. A "strong" name is great – however, a violent one in bad taste is not. Thanks!
    AYSO National Rules & Regulations, II.A: "Team names shall bear no resemblance to a religion, race, ethnicity or nationality."
  • A stand will be required to hold up the banner. See second page for instructions on building a kit.

Tusitn AYSO Preferred Vendor - Probanners

Visit www.probanners.com or call (877) 747-4467. See the flyer for discount.

ProBanners Flyer
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