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Professional Training for all Players

Tustin AYSO Seasons

Tustin AYSO has several seasons year round. Each is described below. Please visit our age divisions page for a definition of the breakdown and which division would include your child.


June and July
Under-5 to Under-14

The Summer season is a five-week program in June and July open to all players aged Under-14 and younger. This is a great way for one who has never played to get a taste of the game. Two games are played each week in the evenings, usually at 5:30 or 6:45 PM. Boys play Monday and Wednesday, while girls play Tuesday and Thursday.


The Fall is Tustin AYSO's primary season and has many components to satisfy the needs of all players.

Standard Primary Program

September to December
Under-5 to Under-19

This is the primary program of AYSO that includes all ages and most players. To join, sign-up at one of our registration events in May or July, please visit our registration pages for details. This season forms teams in August and plays from the Saturday after Labor Day and finishes in late November or December depending on the age.

Mayor's Cup (Regional Playoffs) - Divisions Under-9 through Under-14

All teams in the Under-9 through Under-14 divisions can play in the Mayor's Cup. This tournament held in late November and early December decides the Tustin Region 96 champions and the team(s) that will advance to the Area Q Tournament held in December. The Area Q Tournament champions advance to the Section 11 Tournament in February or March and those champions advance to the California State Championships in March.

VIP Program

September to November
All ages 4 years and older

For players who have special needs, we have our VIP program. These games are played on Sunday afternoons between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. This primary program invites all persons of any age. Please visit our VIP section for information.

EXTRA Program

September to December
Under-9 to Under-14

The EXTRA program is a primary program designed for players with the ability, desire and dedication to play at a higher competitive level. These teams are formed through a tryout process in the Spring. For players that are interested please visit our Advanced Play section for dates and information. EXTRA players may not play concurrently on a standard primary team and are not eligible for all-stars.



January and February
Under-9 to Under-14

The best players from the Fall standard primary program are invited for an opportunity to play together in competition with other regions. These teams are formed in November and play in January and February. Please visit our Advanced Play section for more information. Players must have played in the Fall standard primary program. EXTRA players are not eligible.

All-Star champions are invited to play in the Section 11 Tournament in February or March. Section 11 Tournament champions advance to the California State Championships in March.

Under-8 Graduation Series

January to February
Under-8 only

This program is for U8 players moving up to U9. It's purpose is to bridge the not insignificant gap between the non-competitive Initial Stage (U5-U8) and the competitive Basic Stage (U9-U12). It allows players an environment to get comfortable with and get used to the new rules that will be enforced in U9. It also gives coaches and parents the opportunity to get familiar with newly enforced rules and practice coaching and refereeing with the new U9 rules prior to the start of the U9 season. This is an open registration primary program and accepts all players, even those that did not play in the preceding fall season.


Spring Soccer

March to May
Under-9 to Under-14

This is an open-registration season from March to May where balanced teams are formed and runs similiar in format to the Fall Primary Program. One major difference is some travel as away games may actually be in nearby cities within Area Q.

Spring Select / Spring EXTRA

March to May
Under-9 to Under-19

The spring select / EXTRA season involves ages Under-9 and older and runs from March to May. This is a select league where teams are formed by the coaches. Each coach must first be approved to have a spring team by the Advanced Play coordinator. The coaches have final authority on who is invited to join the team and the method of choosing those players. These teams will sometimes continue playing into the Summer as tournament or travel teams participating in tournaments.

Tournament or Travel Teams

Year-round, but most commonly from May to July
Under-10 to Under-19

This is not an official season, coaches build these teams by inviting players and entering tournaments. These tournament teams often play locally in one or more of the many tournaments offered nearby. Teams also have the option of traveling anywhere to play in tournaments. Common destinations are Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Bermuda and Europe. The substantial costs for travel and tournament entry are the responsibility of the parents, the region does not offer any financial aid to these teams or players.

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