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Primary/Core Programs

Standard Primary Core Program

Summer, Fall and Spring Seasons
This is the primary program of AYSO that includes all ages and over 90% of our players.

How to Sign-Up to Play: To join, sign-up at one of our in-person registration events in January, April, May or July, or mail-in your registration paperwork.  Please visit our Registration page for details.

AYSO maintains the philosophies of EVERYONE PLAYS and OPEN REGISTRATION, this means that we accept all players regardless of ability and will continue to do so as long as we have space available.  There are no address boundaries.  We accept all players from all cities.

How to Coach a Team: During the player registration process, volunteer to coach a team by checking the appropriate box on the "How Can I Help" form.  Additionally, contact the division coordinator of the division you'd like to coach. Coaches must complete Safe Haven certification and appropriate age-specific training.

Standard Primary Progression and Format

In the standard primary program offering of Tustin AYSO, we have leagues for 4 to 19 year-old's split into 18 divisions (U5,U6,U7,U8,U10,U12,U14,U16,U19 - all ages have a separate boys and girls division). This 15-year program is designed to allow for the development of the player through four stages as defined by the US Soccer Federation:

  • Initial stage: 4 years of introductory soccer in U5 - U8, also known as 'clinic play'. In this stage, the players play short sided 3v3 to 5v5 games without the distraction of standings or goalkeepers (The English FA is implementing no season standings up through U11). An age-specific program is provided and taught to the coaches to teach essential technical skills to the players to best introduce them to soccer without complicating the game.
  • Basic stage: 4 years from U9 - U12 where we begin using the full Laws of the Game, maintain standings and a playoff structure. This is the age where we also introduce goalkeepers and further expand the skills taught to the players with a beginning of tactics, but training continues to be primarily concentrated on techniques. Techniques and other basic movements like balance and coordination have a much greater lasting effect when learned prior to age 12 and so we teach our coaches to concentrate on these aspects.
  • Intermediate stage: 2 years of transition playing the full-sided game where tactics are increasingly taught and techniques are reinforced.
  • Advanced stage: 5 years finishing their youth career playing divisions U16 and U19.

Standard Primary League Format

Age Stage Competition Level Players Max Roster Duration Field Size Goal Size GKs Standings Playoffs
U19 U18 U17 Adv. Section 11 v 11 18 (22) Two 45 min halves 70 x 120 (yds) 8 x 24 (ft) Yes Yes Area Section
U16 U15 Adv. Area 11 v 11 18 (22) Two 40 min halves 70 x 120 8 x 24 Yes Yes Area Section
U14 U13 Int. Regional 11 v 11 14 Two 35 min halves 66 x 112 8 x 24 Yes Yes Mayor's Cup Area Section State
U12 U11 Basic Regional 9 v 9 12 Two 30 min halves 54 x 92 7 x 21 Yes Yes Mayor's Cup Area Section State
U10 U9 Basic Regional 7 v 7 9 Two 25 min halves 44 x 80 6 x 18 Yes Yes Mayor's Cup Area Section State
U8 Initial Clinic 6 v 6 8 Four 10 min quarters 35 x 65 5 x 10 Yes No None
U7 Initial Clinic 5 v 5 13 split field Four 10 min quarters 26 x 44 4 x 9 No No None
U6 Initial Clinic 4 v 4 10 split field Four 8 min quarters 24 x 40 4 x 9 No No None
U5 Initial Clinic 3 v 3 8 split field Four 8 min quarters 15 x 30 3 x 5 No No None

Stages as defined by US Soccer's Age Group Organization.
Field Size is a guide and not exact, the actual field you play on may vary in size.
Under Max Roster Size, 'split field' means that the teams will split their team in two and play on two side-by-side fields.