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New Coaches

Thinking about Coaching your son or daughter's AYSO soccer team?

Questions & Answers

Do I need experience playing soccer?

No, we have several coaching clinics to get you "up to speed".

What does it cost?

No money, just a little of your time.

What equipment do I need?

Nothing required, you may want to get a few practice cones and a whistle.

Will my child and I always be on the same team?

Yes, the coach and child are ALWAYS placed on the same team.

Do I need to know the rules of soccer?

No (not yet) the coaching clinics and some light study should do it.

When are games played?

Games are played on Saturdays (weekday evenings during the Summer), game times will vary each week.

When do teams practice?

Practice times are determined by the coach around his/her schedule.

How often do teams practice?

Twice a week is suggested.

Do I need to be at EVERY practice and EVERY game?

We suggest an assistant coach (another player's parent) be assigned as soon as teams are formed who can be there if the coach can't. Games cannot be rescheduled but practices can be postponed or canceled if necessary.

When is the season?

The "regular Fall season" begins when school starts and ends just before Thanksgiving.

Are there other seasons?

Yes, the most popular season (other than Fall) is the Summer season where there are usually no practices and games are played in the evenings, during the week. For older players there are All Stars, Plus, and Spring Select seasons which are by invitation.

Do I need any kind of certification?

Yes, there are several clinics given, prior to the Fall season where, upon completion, coaches will be certified (at no cost to the coach).

Will my child listen to me better if I'm the coach?


What can I do to look into becoming a coach?

When you register your child to play soccer, there will be forms or a sign up sheet for people who are interested in becoming coaches. Better yet, contact your division coordinator (see the Directory page) and let him or her know you are interested.

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