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From toe to head and other gear...

All the requirements listed below come from either the Region 96 Guidelines, the AYSO National Rules and Regulations, or the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Where to Buy your Gear
Dick's Sporting Goods Not only has Dick's been a great partner to Tustin AYSO and youth sports overall, but they provide us with discounts (see your coach or the coupons sometimes available on this website) and they package deals with a ball, cleats and shin guards. This should be your first stop and likely your only stop for your gear.

It is best if each player has a ball to bring to training, but also to practice at home. Be sure to get a ball of the correct size based on age division:

Age Division
Ball Size
Under-5 & 6 Size 3
Under-7 & 8 Size 3
Under-9 & 10 Size 4
Under-11 & 12 Size 4
Under-13 & 14 Size 5
Under-16 Size 5
Under-19 Size 5

All players must where shoes (closed-toe and closed-heal). Cleats are not required, but are very helpful to those that prefer to remain upright. Yes, you can wear basic athletic shoes. When you buy cleats, buy the molded style soccer cleats. These are the ones with the set of molded plastic cleats on the sole. If you don't know the difference between soccer cleats and other sports, best way is to ask the sales person helping you, but for reference: soccer cleats have a low ankle (as opposed to mid used in football or high-tops used in basketball) and no toe cleat and are normally a fairly light shoe.

We strongly recommend against screw-ins (aka studs), unless you are looking to sprain your ankle as most fields in Orange County are too hard to need cleats longer than the molded style.

Plan to buy new cleats each year, they normally wear down through a season of playing. Also, you need to purchase them for the correct size - do not buy them large to grow into. Wearing cleats a size too big will have a detrimental effect on the player's performance as it reduces the player's touch, ability to control the ball and overall agility. It can also create additional movement of the foot inside the shoe to give a greater chance of getting blisters.

We provide the socks, it's recommended that you wear only the pair of socks provided and not wear an additional pair underneath. Wearing more than the single pair that we've provided can create additional movement of the foot inside the shoe and have a greater chance of creating blisters.

Shin Guards
These are all about size and style, the only wrong one is one that's too small. Figure the size to be three fingers from the shoe to cover to at least 3/4 the way up the shin bone. Sturrup or no sturrup - your choice. Wrap-around strap or not - your choice - but if you don't you'll need to secure the shin guard with tape or a sleeve, otherwise it'll move around and eventually fall out.

Putting on the Cleats, Socks and Shin Guards
The shin guards must be completely under the socks. Normally we say to put on the shin guards, then the socks, then the cleats. Do not put the sock on first and then roll it down over the shin guard. If you have it wrong you will be required to change before taking the field.

The game shorts are provided.

For Boys: It is recommended to wear briefs or compression/sliding shorts (preferred for olders). Boxer shorts are not recommended.

The shirt (called a jersey) is provided. Alterations are not allowed. Do not place the child's name on the back or anywhere on the uniform (For the younger ones, this is also a safety issue as children have been abducted in this fashion, by the abductor calling the kid by name and luring them just far enough away).

For Girls: Those who have begun wearing a bra are recommended to wear a sports bra.

AYSO National Rules & Regulations, VI.E: "No AYSO uniform may bear a team member's name"

None allowed, zip, nada except for Medical ID bracelets (and those must be taped securely to the wrist). Let's be clear: no earrings (no exceptions - the hole will not close up by the end of the game, even if recently pierced), no friendship bracelets, and no necklaces.

No hard objects in the hair. Items may be used to bind or hold back the hair, but those must be soft, nothing hard.

Casts or splints
Players may not play with any cast or splint. Players with a broken bone may not play until healed and cleared by a doctor (A clearance note must be given to the coach. Coaches: please retain this with their medical release). A soft brace may be used if approved as safe by the referee.

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